4 Resume Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard

Every time you apply for a job,

Your resume is reviewed less than 50% of the time.

Use these 4 essential tips when preparing your resume to get the most out the times it is viewed.


1. Mention the SPECIFIC role you’re applying for.

Here’s an example of what it may look like:

As a motivated and self-directed individual with [skills], I’m ready to leverage my education and experience for a [job title you’re applying for] role with [company name].. 


2. Include BOTH hard and soft skills on your resume.

Hard skills are skills you can demonstrate.

Example: coding, creating and managing a budget, advertising on Facebook, etc.

Soft skills are hard to show or measure.

Example: entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative attitude, organization etc.

Its very important to include both sets under a skills section of your resume. While Hiring Managers won’t spend much time looking at this,  here but it’s important to know that some recruitment systems will rank you based on this information and may prioritize your resume over other applicants.


3. Mention your biggest achievement as the first bullet point in every role

Statistics say your resume has only 6 seconds to make an impression and land an interview. Your first bullet point for each role should be your biggest accomplishment.

Plan to list 3 or 4 bullet points under each role. You don’t have to describe every task associated with each position.

Be sure to include detailed information for your achievements including numbers whenever possible.


4. Make sure your resume aligns with the job description

Make sure that your prior accomplishments and skills all align with the requirements and duties of the position you are applying for.  You’ll resume will get prioritized within many recruitment systems and provide you with a greater opportunity to be selected for an interview.


After updating your resume, start your job search now!